Sunday, February 26, 2006


The Giant Impact Theory has it that the moon was formed from debris spewed into space as a result of a collision between the Earth and a Mars-sized planet – truly an offspring born of a passionate union.
The same theory has it that the survival of life on Earth is dependant on the Moon’s influence on its rotation and that the Moon's slightly eccentric orbit is causing it to slowly move away from its mother planet – the apron strings being cut in a timescale slower than the flow of glass.
The fate of life on Earth is therefore inextricably linked to the presence of the grey satellite – Mother Earth will die when her bastard son is torn from the thighs of her gravity.
(Provided her tenants don't destroy her first)
The tiny creatures that swarm the mother planet’s surface are reminded nightly of their weakness by the grey face that magnetises their liquid interior with its gravitational pull, misdirecting synaptic messages and sending superstitious visions and choral voices swirling in their heads.

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