Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Put it on the Plastic Baby

Welcome the Plastic World Order.
We watch from our cages in the invisible laboratories while you order up your reconstituted mad chicken n’ beef burger force fed on offal and brainstem off-cut bone chippings.
“Organic” they say.
And walking down Oblivion St in your selfish obese hunger you add your recyclable container to the litter that will be swept up nightly by some underpaid, undereducated third world immigrant who only last week scared the shit out of you when you heard he was coming to take your job while scrounging benefits from your hard-earned tax money and later to deflower your daughter and steal your car and besmirch the purity of your race.
And on your 75 inch plastic lcd flatscreen you watch the mindless games - foreign team members whom you’d hate were they not valuable members of your team.
Plastic weather talk to fill the gaps in your empty life.
Plastic beer in plastic mugs for your empty head to piss away the hours between mindless work and dreamless sleep.
Plastic sex by credit card online dry fuck anal teen-Asian pussy whip.
Dry empty eyes and a head full of nothing for a plastic coffin with a half-life of twenty-three million years.
We wish you luck with your Plastic World Order.

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