Friday, January 03, 2014

The death of dogma is the birth of morality.

Episode Eighteen

Utomaru via MMC

Wheeling wild down a tunnel of overhanging vegetation, leaving mud’s dark lessons behind him, Atom whacks through a cloud of bugs.
The bugs cause his eyes to water.
Blinking, vision blurred, swooping down onto a wooded path, honking a warning horn around a sharp bend he brakes hard for a large obstruction in the road.
The Company Universal Nurturing Tenets prescribe that labelling ones fellow workers according to physical attributes is not acceptable.
The Tenets suggests the use of diplomatic terms like ‘generously sized’ or ‘larger colleague’ but advise that the abstention from all descriptive terms is the most prudent path if one wishes to avoid disciplinary action on the grounds of causing offence.
Taking the above into account, Atom surmises that as long as he does not verbalise his thoughts he will suffer no consequences except perhaps some nagging ethical guilt.
That the man in front of him is grotesquely obese.
Belly, thighs, hands and chin hang over the edges of the, by comparison, rather small mobility scooter upon which the obstruction sits. Atom realises through teary eyes that this sheer ‘generosity of size’ is occupying 150% of the scooter and 95% of the wooded path.
The woods themselves are silent in anticipation of human-based entertainment.
The man’s eyes defiantly implore forgiveness through over-inflated cherry red cheeks.
The man’s eyes defy Atom to complain.
“Excuse me” Atom says as he sqweeeeezes past.
“*URP*... ‘Scuse me” says the man.
Atom scrapes on one side against the bushes and on the other against the damp heat of the fat man.
The Imp of the Perverse is responsible for many a downfall, not lease in the bypassing of the mind/mouth valve which usually evolves as a safety device against ill-advised speaking of one’s mind.
“stupid fat moron”
Atom says under his breath, immediately feeling guilty for transgressing the Tenets.
He spits a bug from between his teeth in the hope that his words have not been heard.

See Mad Scientist’s Notebook (Entry No 1.8)

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