Friday, July 19, 2019

'38 Rue Utopia ~ Ep.68

You're the one who had knives set aside for the throats of hunters
But they tricked you with a trinket and a name
~ Sunset Rubdown ‘Up On Your Leopard (Upon The End Of Your Feral Days)’ 2007


How do you know when the moment is right for you to make your move?
These days pass in strained entente, the triangle of tensions holding constant with you at the apex and the base formed by Krystal, her face flattered by drone spotlight that follows her around and, unseen in the gloom of this sterile and soulless house, the electrifying presence of Giles.
When do you reveal your hand?
Teaching Krystal the bases of Fetish feels like putting a gun in your own mouth, leaves a metallic tincture in your throat, one she no doubt tastes herself as she utilises those lessons to monitor your game.
To keep it looking real you call for an update on their end of the deal.
Giles assures you that it’s on track, but this is no easy fix; it will take time.
Both of you know he’s lying.
But then do they know that you’re lying too?
Krystal is razor sharp; she’s not stupid; but is constrained by an overinflated sense of her own power; presuming, since it seems that she’s never left Bigmark, that the limits of her world are the only world there is.
Krystal is a child of the collapse; one lucky enough to have been born in the bunker – the real bunker, not this outer suburban shell – a child of the elite, a child of the fuckers that did for the world. She has survived and thrived in an extremely limited bubble that is held together with power both real and imagined.
When it comes to fetish Krystal lacks imagination, as if to use the tool is the be-all and end-all of the creative process; as if the art were in the technique; she relies too heavily on fetish itself when practising it, as if it is something separate from everything else.
There are moments during the lessons when you are tempted to make your move; but you know that Giles forewarned is a bigger threat, so you wait, realising that you’re probably going to have to take him out of the equation first. Either that or both of them at once.
You are also aware that Krystal may be armed with more than just charm and fetish; and since there are not many places to carry a concealed weapon in those outfits of hers, you are going to have to be close enough that she can’t reach the weapons she’s no doubt secreted around the room.
You wait.
You map the extents of the house, inferring the layout of those areas you are not allowed access to by watching the movements of the servicers, and by glimpses of the surveillance feed on various strategically placed monitors in the halls through which you are escorted to and from your room by Giles who, physically and psychologically, makes a point of letting feel his menace. You get it; he’s dangerous - but then so are you.
Piece by piece, concealing your movements, working below the sheets at night, you assemble your own weapons from the tiny carbon fibre components secreted about your clothing. They fit together in satisfyingly silent clicks.

Sunset Rubdown
Up on Your Leopard

Monday, July 15, 2019

Friday, July 12, 2019

'38 Rue Utopia ~ Ep.67

Is a nice flower
~ Roxy Music ‘Do The Strand’ 1973

Friedrich Seidenst├╝cker

“You let her go into the Bunker?”
Daniel’s face darkens as Peye brings them up to date.
“Let her? Did you let here leave your little farm? Ellie does what she wants and she wanted a meeting with Giles”
“Fuck me, she’s gone ape-shit Daniel”
Daniel gives Alec him a dirty look, turns back to Peye, “Can you get me into the Bunker?”
The silence strings from the end of Daniel’s question and the echoes the dancers’ footsteps as they pass Peye’s room on their way to the stage where they will perform to the soundtrack of this night’s abuse.
Peye is frozen in the density of her indecision; she knows the feeling well; has lived it at every turning point; every fork in the road; it has caused her to remain in place while others travelled down the tines of those forks.
She wonders if she will live to regret the decision now germinating in her; she pushes the choices and probable results from her mind and feels the knot at her centre loosening as she tumbles to a conclusion.
“I believe I can get us all in”

Roxy Music
Do The Strand

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Friday, July 05, 2019

'38 Rue Utopia ~ Ep.66

Where have you been?
It's alright we know where you've been
~ Pink Floyd ‘Welcome to the Machine’ 1975

Vogue Japan March 2018
Photographer: Txema Yeste
Stylist: Bernat Buscato
Hair & Make-Up: Victor Alvarez
Model: Yoon Young Bae
Credit: Vogue Japan Digital Edition via Zorka at the Fashion Spot

The Carny’s noise echoes down into the utility levels; where all the magic of the night’s cabaret is constructed from thin air and bits of bright fabric; down here where Peye lives.
“Last time I saw her was weeks ago Daniel” Peye hugs him close; he smells of mud.
Daniel was never one for social niceties, even back before he became a Farmie, so Peye is unsurprised that he hardly bothered with ‘hello’ before asking for Ellie.
She looks over Daniel’s shoulder at the assembled muddy crew; she wrinkles her nose.
“Hello boys, remember me?” they shuffle uncomfortably in the Carny’s gloom, their pubescent memories of her sending blood rushing to their faces.
‘Hello Alec”
“How’s Peye?”
“Oh, you know; getting on with it, the show must go on”
“What was she doing?” Daniel disentangles himself from her hug.
“Ellie? How would I know? We’re talking about Ellie here; only Ellie knows what Ellie is doing”
She turns to Alec “How’s my boy?”
“Marty’s, he’s… well… we…”
“Everybody’s peachy Peye” Daniel cuts in “but we were hoping to hook up with Ellie before we go back”
Peye turns from the doorway and motions them inward to her rooms.
“Yeah, I’m fine too Danny-boy” Peye hams it up for the wide-eyed boys “Thanks for asking. Yeah business is good, full-house every night, oh thank you, it’s great to see you too”
Daniel’s face remains blank as he watches her.
“I’m sorry Peye, I didn’t mean to be rude, but Ellie just upped and left without a word”
“Yeah well… that’s what she does” Peye sits down heavily into the electric blue sofa, “Perhaps you should forget about Ellie”

Pink Floyd
Welcome to the Machine