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Friday, October 12, 2018

'38 Rue Utopia ~ Ep.28

And you measure for wealth by the things you can hold
And you measure for love by the sweet things you're told
~ Rodriguez ‘Like Janis’ 1970

Jordan Ebbit

“How should I know who she travelled with or why?”
“You the one intro’d her to Giles”
“Look Farmie, she’s just some freak that I owed a favour to, so yes, she wanted to deal with Giles, I intro’d her direct, now we’re even”
The room smells of floral perfume and tantrums - an activity Peye’s well known for amongst the servicers. Nikos pulls an appropriately inappropriate face, looks around the room as if he might find the answers there, sniffs.
“Did she come in with anyone?”
“Didn’t I just tell you I didn’t see her come in”
Nikos takes the weight of this lack of intel and rattles it around his head for a while before losing it to the knot of disquiet in his solar plexus.
“Let me know if you hear anything on the floor”
He turns slowly to leave.
“I’m not part of your team, so fuck off and leave me alone”
He stops, turns back slower now.
“Just for the record Ms Peye, don’t ever call me a Farmie again”
He leaves the door open and heads downstairs.
Peye closes it quietly, distracted, turns to sit at the illuminated mirror, where tears assist the removal of her white stage face.

Like Janis

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

And The Monster Was Me

It’s the clarity that comes with the current that flows in the river of melancholia; transports me to the core of my insecurities, my misdemeanours and misanthropy.
Enraged and disappointed.
But who am I to say I’m right, to declare my vision clear?
Am I the man you see here in this garden of earthly delights?
Am I the man who etches his virus on the virtual world?
Where is my morality when at my core there is a seed of hate?
Where my ethics when all I see is stupidity?
Where is hope when the destination is so clear and so inevitable?
I see my face reflected in the windows of passing trains filled with commuters self-medicating on glowing screens and I wonder who I am?
I hear my voice in the echo chambers of my own medication and I wonder who I am?
Down the years of unforgiving, of moving on, of becoming something new, I retain but one thing: the book of judgement whose pages are strewn with the names of almost everyone I know and millions that I don’t.
A list of names to which I must now add my own.

Then I ran across a monster
who was sleeping by a tree
And I looked and frowned
And the monster was me
~ The Width of a Circle

Monday, October 08, 2018

Are We Not Men?

Planet News ~ Pushwagner

Why do we accept the narrative?

The cult of personality.
The loony left.
The Russians.
Israel’s inalienable right to exist.
The economy.

We regurgitate the opinions from the narrow palette offered to us by the media without question.
There is no outside the box; we don’t even know the box exists.

Friday, October 05, 2018

'38 Rue Utopia ~ Ep.27

Then at a deadly pace
It came from outer space
And this is how the message ran...
~ Richard O’Brien ‘Science Fiction’ 1975

H.R.Giger Polaroids

Nikos climbs from the Sporter outside the Carny. It zips away on a cloud of magnetic rain, wheels retracted now it no longer carries cargo; the crowd around the door cleaves before him without question or argument; no need to excuse himself, no need to ask.
His chip barcodes the door open without any requirement for verification by the doorman who doesn’t even record his entry in the registry.
The Carny’s Ayetee room, known as such for reasons lost to the collapse, is the coolest room in the house. It takes a lotta juice to cool a room, not to mention powering the banks of computers mining crypto, managing data, making things tick.
In one corner a small desk comprises the Carny’s surveillance office.
Nikos checks the registry: Ellie’s entry hasn’t been logged.
He runs the face-recog app: nothing. Considering the vast amount of time the witch’d spent in the Carny before the ‘38 riot, Nikos concludes that her face-ink somehow confuses the app. Given that she has almost certainly been de-chipped, Nikos is gonna have to rely on eyewitness intel.
First the doorman.
“Nah dint see come in”
“You on duty last night?”
“Bin on 4 tree day now, have u chek’d regstry?”
Nikos grunts, turns back in to the Carny, registry doesn’t see anyone unchipped.
Next the barstaff.
Nobody’s seen her.
The fucking invisible woman.
“Who is it?”
“What do you want?” He clenches his jaw, it’s the tone that really gets his goat.
“I need to ask you some questions”
“What about?”
“Open the door Peye”

Richard O’Brien
Science Fiction