Friday, March 03, 2006

Art - What's the Point?

That old bogeyman, Aleister Crowley, said that everything is permitted.
Everything is both permitted and acceptable so long as it is already written into the collective psyche. Lawyers call it precedence – the herd call it history.
In the art world you’re more likely to sell any old shit so long as
a.) it looks like something that’s been done before or
b.) your name is familiar to those who
c.) have the money and
d.) are led to believe that art is either
e.) a good investment or
d.) good for a man’s status in society.
But where is your art and what good have the 'sensitives' done with their insight and antennae and pens and paint when the buyers and sellers have gone past the point of no return?
What good are your tints and hues when the gutters run red with the blood of the disenfranchised, when the black blood of Capitalism’s currency ceases to fire the demon inside the internal combustion engine?
What will remain of our civilisation but a series of increasingly obscure warning signs from the idiot savant mind we call art.
And when I look at my work I know that I’m not saying anything anybody wants to hear – I should have stayed in bed.
If you ask me, the real artistry comes down from loftier easels than those than I could ever reach.
Consider the artistry of the creation of wealth through real estate. Sure it’s democratised to a certain extent – Joe Soap can make a few quick bucks by buying and selling his home – but really, the profits the average Joe can make are miniscule when you consider the silent passing of laws that allow the destruction of ancient forests to facilitate the creation of prime real estate for the benefit of those who pull the levers. There are more zeros on the end of these transactions than you or I as small time con-artists can imagine.

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