Thursday, March 16, 2006

Control Freak

Rules. Rules and regulations. This monkey’s had enough. Shit I’ve been sitting up here in the trees long enough, watching you perform you grunting act down below, you're disgusting and pathetic.
Down there sucking in your gut, drooling over your pornography, guiltily retaining your shit like it’s made of gold; sculpting your stinking excretion into rules and regulations.
Know what I think? I think you can shove three quarters of your rules and regulations back up your arse, that’s what I think.
The problem is that you’re so hooked on R&R that you forget what makes you tick, what makes you human; that thirst that can only be quenched by the overcoming of danger, that which makes you a man.
You men; with your fragile egos and deep vanity; ruled by the power of your sperm, and yet you deign to proclaim yourself superior to the rest of us animals – as if your DNA were whiter than white, above all that.
You neglect the duty of your species by deserting your children, proclaiming yourself a victim of feminism, of divorce, of bad luck – blame the system.
Rather than embracing your female counterpart as an equal, you convince yourself that you have been crushed by her empowerment. Don’t go blaming the women, they are doing their bit, it is you who must bear responsibility.
Take responsibility for your own life, rather than creating more and more rules – more rules for you to blame for their imperfection when they fail to bring your children home safely from the disco.


Zatikia said...

It seems like man wants to rule himself out of existence, just so he doesnt have to think for himself. Man has turned cowardly with his dependencies. Man has forgotten that his power is in his ownself and has lost it looking outward for his answers.

elasticwaistbandlady said...

WOW Pisces, you don't sugarcoat anything do you? This entry is so powerful, it made me cringe in its truthfulness. Ultimately though we all have our free agency bestowed by the grace of our creator, though it is rather unfortunate what some of us choose to do with our divinely given freedoms. Vile, demeaning pornography being a perfect case in point.