Monday, March 27, 2006

Prophet = Profit

We are led to believe (subconsciously at least) that Capitalism and Christianity are partners in the Western System. This may in fact be true, but the ‘Christianity’ employed is corrupt. The biggest problem with Capitalism as it stands is the fact that it is not based, in fact, on any sort of morality. If this were true, there would not be so much money to be made by evangelists (tele- or otherwise).
Pat Robertson’s Christian attitudes being a perfect example.
Capitalism works by buying up anything that opposes the system, cleaning it up, using the original ‘street cred’ to market it as a product and selling it back to the hungry consumer - rock’n’roll being a prime example (moral outrage is a great marketing tool for selling goods to the young, as long as you plank an ‘explicit lyrics’ sticker on the case).
The system requires cheap labour to produce the goods for the ever more demanding consumer who in turn will earn his money by less physical means as he rises up the ladder of ‘success’. Eventually the system, in driving down prices on essential goods (like food) will begin to consume itself – by which time the more affluent societies will no longer be able to produce these goods for themselves.
Is there any need for us to have a Plasma TV in every room (including the bathroom)? How many cars do we need in a lifetime? Is it necessary to super-size everything?
We need to introduce a social conscience into the system - and fast.
Perhaps the US and Europe should be looking to the examples being set by those South American nations that they have oppressed financially for so long.
Perhaps those citizens of the US and Europe should be doing some soul searching in order to leave something for their children other than rampant consumerism and system crash.
Change the system – raise your voice in protest.
If you call yourself a Christian, then do your Christian duty.
Change must start at the top; put aside the distracting issues thrown your way (Abortion; Stem Cells; Immigration) for now, address the big issues first.


elasticwaistbandlady said...

Hey now, why are you isolating only the U.S. and Europe as being a consumer driven society? Nowadays, even China is on an affluent upswing with the middle class seeking out sophisticated electronics and new cars.

As usual, you make a lot of reasonable points. We weaned our impressionable brood from the nefarious marketing geniuses behind television advertising that prod people to live beyond their means. Two years and counting devoid of television and it has miraculously unzombified our kids and made them much less materialistic. We learned the hard way the evils of conspicuous consumerism and the high interest and penalties that coincides with it. Currently, we're on a multi-pronged mission to rectify past mistakes, and to teach our kids that competing with your neighbors over status symbols is ridiculous behavior.

Now, I'm also a strong proponent of capitalism. I believe that we have a self correcting market in that when a company deceives the public and behaves badly, they will ultimately lose their customer base which will either force them to reform themselves or face take over and possibly going out of business.

Pisces Iscariot said...

I singled out the US and Europe because they are causing the most damage (domestic and global)at the moment. Dangerous because business and politics are the same thing.
You may be correct in your view that business is self-correcting, but when the market is cornered by high level corruption you cannot be guaranteed that the system will self-correct without cataclysmic results.