Sunday, April 16, 2006


It is unfortunate, but it appears that we must depend on the American people to steer us away from the danger that lies ahead.
The red; white and blue; the star spangled banner; symbol of freedom and democracy has been draped over more than two thousand coffins; has flown over the indiscriminate deaths of tens of thousands of insurgents; dissenters; grandmothers; pedestrians and children; has fluttered in limp support of the gang of murderers who follow the same path that destroyed the tribes of North America. The much lauded ‘civil rights’ victories of the past have been laid barren by the actions (or lack of action) of these men in response to the disaster in New Orleans.
The loss of hard won labour and privacy laws, the huge amounts of money spent on weapons, money much need within the country to address issues of social importance, on and on, the list is endless.
The positions of Republican; Democrat; liberal; conservative hold no relevance to these men - who knows what they seek, for who can need more money, more power they already have? - all I know is that they steer us all toward a future bleak, or no future at all.
Those who speak of change cannot agree; they spout all manner of revolutionary jargon but are too busy climbing over one another to make any difference.
Who knows whether democracy actually works, whether there is even such a thing.
The American people need to put aside all that divides them and remove these men from power.
Stand up, speak up, get them out.


Pocho said...

Approaching end of a long life devoted to both exactly your analysis and plea, I find myself now focusing less on casting blame and thus target for change toward a select subset of those within America and spreading it to everyone of them there and then by extension also include all beyond its borders. I would today write what you have with exception of changing the wording of the first and last sentance. "... it appears that we must depend on the world's people to steer us away from the danger that lies ahead..." and "The world's people need to put aside all that divides them and remove Americans from power. Stand up, speak up, get them out." And, I would add " any means necessary".

littlebitofsonshine said...

Yes praying for peace and acting on it are so diffrent .There are so many ways we could have peace but so many want to fight over power even the ones who say thay just want justice but whos justice and whos history why cant we just start all over with peace and respect and become one world .God knows i wish a team of freedom fighters would show up with knolage and care and not guns and uncare. Keep up the great words you rock and role and have a great soul who knows 1 word is what everyone could be waiting for PEACE.

elasticwaistbandlady said...

Can it be? This marks one of the rare 20% exceptions where we agree Pisces. The delineation between political parties has become invisible as they both use groups of Americans as pawns against other groups. Divide and conquer is the means to a totalitarian dictatorship end and we the people are too fat, happy, and indulgent to know or care.

elasticwaistbandlady said...

By the way, I like your new blog link descriptions. I'm indeed puffed up (more so than usual) and honored to be declared your 'humorous American friend'. I shall henceforth declare you to be my 'Witty leftist brutalpoetan kiwi friend'.