Tuesday, April 11, 2006


We watch from barred windows
In the halls of the free
We gasp at the antics
Of the men in the tree

We live in a time
When the world can be run
By a number of maxims
From the book of the gun

They stand in the light
From the activist’s glory
Now he’s long dead
They own the rights to his story

Break open those windows
Let scepticism breathe freely
Watch for the traps
That lurk in the TV

In homeland security
or gross national pride
with torture and murder
racism and lies

with rape and with plunder
they leave us our fate
to scrabble from under
the empire’s dead weight

And although it be treason
For us to remember
The historical reasons
For the eleventh of September

The reasons remain
For no action was taken
To address the root causes
or pacify the Kraken

now the plains they are strewn
with the corpses of children
yet Evangeline loiters
With bullets and with napalm

Her head has been emptied
Of all of the reasons
that lubricate the wheels
that destroy all the seasons

and the killers they lurk
in halls of corruption
their hair turning grey
as the worms feed inside them

So watch from barred windows
In the halls of the tree
But save them a cell
For their fall from the free


elasticwaistbandlady said...

As the token conservative around here all I can add is that the phrase, 'Nero fiddled, while Rome burned', perfectly sums up the actions of American elected representatives currently. They're too busy voting themselves raises to be bothered with the concerns of the people.

Great artwork as always Pisces although it squicked me out a bit.

littlebitofsonshine said...

I love the pic the 4 direction or buried cross what ever you want to call it i have tatooed on me 8 time in sideof a rainbow 9 1/2 hours of tatoos at once and you could not pay me enuff to remove my 4 ways of life bless you as allways my friend hope to chat soon .And at a womans feet like a child burryed moved me thanks again for such great art and words Be safe walk in peace allways