Sunday, May 07, 2006

Hope's Thin Raft

Dick dozes while democracy burns

I would like to believe this is the turning of the tide
The jester's remarks had them boiling inside
While the troubador's songs leave no room for doubt
The king has to go - they do want him out

And those armies of soldiers who’re once more betrayed
By foul leaders who sent them away for the killing
Have lost all their innocence on propaganda made
Now its anger and brutality in the blood that they’re spilling

Torture, confusion, fear and chemical psychosis
Hard rocking the soundtrack to morality’s demise
As these boys pull the trigger and fuck the prognosis
Leave them there fighting and feed them with lies

And from patriots conditioned come howls of betrayal
Blind to the fact that party politics died
With acts of deception, distortion, black ops and blackmail
At the calculated moment when they consciously lied

And led the world off on a date with the void - dark and cold
A world made crude by apocalyptic extremists
On both sides of the coin cast in fools black gold
they corral us into a future ever bleaker and dreamless

C'mon America give me hope

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