Friday, June 09, 2006

Babylon Keyboard: Requiem Masturbation

Johnny - Jhonen Vasquez

This Babylon box of ethical tricks
This piglet’s house of digital sticks
Where nobody needs to look you in the eye
And the jokers cavort with linguistic cream pie

And the effort required to maintain egolibrium
Drains all the life, all the oil and Uranium
From the little black box at the foot of the bed
Where you stash all the stories from the top of your head

Laughter rebounds in the halls of the Far Queue
The lobotomised madman continues to review
His reasons for scribbling half-witted and untrue
Seven fifths of a moral and misguided haiku


Zatikia said...

You make me smile, and then read it again. Keep it coming.

mullet said...

I would try to maintain my egolibrium....arghhhh...but I can't be bothered!

littlebitofsonshine said...

but in true healthy life the cream of the pie would be good fertal dirt when a hope chest it gone and shes given her hand does it become the hope of the next or is the oil all gone and the box wont open unless to take chisle and hammer to the henges or have thay roted away also with out a care!!!! so why bother easy to keep hope alive in a chest so raped of its dreams to turn to soil again to start anew ok now im just wonder all over the place

vanessa said...

beautiful... you are a fine poet, indeed.

Pisces Iscariot said...

Zatikia: Glad to have made you smile.
sonshine: nice beat stream of consciousness.
Vanessa: Thank you