Thursday, July 13, 2006

A Bouquet of Sunshine

I’ve been accused once or twice (a week) of cynicism.
A little word that dismisses all of my views.
“Oh but you’re so cynical”
As if to be a cynic is to be

  • a hippie

  • a liberal

  • a faker

  • a fakir

  • a fucker

  • a trouble maker

  • a risk taker

  • a polemicist

  • an alarmist

  • a science fiction writer

  • a green

  • a dreamer

  • a conspiracy schemer

  • a kook

  • a spook

  • an oddball independent

  • a delinquent

  • a johnny-come-lately

  • a speaker in tongues

  • To be a cynic is to be negative;
    one who doesn't pull with the team;
    lacking in good old fashioned optimism;
    (That which makes the world a better place).
    Well let me tell you: I am a fucking optimist.
    If I weren’t, I'd have given up ages ago,
    I’d be drowning my sorrows with all the other dead guys.
    Yes I’m a cynic; cynic with a capital See.


    Zatikia said...

    A seenic then, seeing what it is, always seeing.

    mullet said...

    and seeing is depressing...but you go on

    Dr Victorino de la Vega said...

    Dear P.I.,

    Always remember that cynic is cool.

    In Greek, being “cynical” simply means holding the belief that your fellowmen generally have as much morality as stray dogs…

    Not an unrealistic way to view the world we live in.

    And a powerful vaccine against naïveté, stupidity and the “virtues” of the Leviticus- a twisted morality equally dear to George W. Bush and Osama Bin Laden.

    mullet said...

    I think you forgot......a 'queer-hawk'

    littlebitofsonshine said...

    well shoot i must have missed something was there a negatice somewhere ????i love your musing and your blog so there im still trying to see the negative???

    mullet said...

    well doctor victorino.....i am most naive......a vaccine (i know, not literal)........i dunno who said it, but i heard it, lightness without darkness - kinda like naivete without knowing - i think if this is what you/we us/ are saying, then does that not automatically give us a position? Should we do more than blog? If you/we sit here pontificating...are we doing enough? To think a blog full of wisdom suffices.......i disagree!

    Anomie-Atlanta said...

    Cynicism is not bad and misanthropes are just misunderstood.

    designing wally said...

    I do so enjoy to find one other jaded romantic soul being sucked down into the earth via gravity on this bit of rock spinning through space....
    It makes me less cynical...