Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Multi-tasking For The Undead


As I record these words; [these black hieroglyphs of a language which for all I know is indecipherable to those on the other side of the interface]; as I record my thoughts another language plays to a soft array of colours on the surface of my space: music.
Music which I have drawn from deep within the system that constitutes my environment; music of spheres; music created from the memory and from moods remembered; from golden sunrays and summer silence; from moments of peace and from moments of ritual’s passing; music containing lyrics relevant not only to the my world now gone but also to the me that lives on; music containing mood triggers and trance enhancers; creative reference points beyond the power of language; colour from and alien palette; landscapes of the mind; structures remembered from cities of sound visited on the fly; a past where earphones plugged reality evoking colourful melancholia in the grey dread of travel; faces averted in the bustle of city life.
This is how I remember.
The sense of smell [being in life a trigger for memory that short-cuts directly to the experience] is the most difficult to emulate in this space where the body does not require maintenance.
But if I work really hard at the music I can sometimes evoke the perfume of the memories – a backward experiment indeed – reverse engineering for a vampyr.



littlebitofsonshine said...

O so true i LOVE THE MUSIC makes me wana dance like a
flowerchild never touched by harm or meaness.

Zatikia said...

I sure would like to sit someday and read Markov Chain as a whole. I look forward to more glimpses.

mullet said...

we sit.....pisces! nothing more frustrsting...lol........than trying to call it out

mullet said...

penalty......that is not very nice!,,,,,cant say the spoilt brats played their hearts out ' tho

Pisces Iscariot said...

mullets - you're not blogging while watching football are you?
That's multi-tasking for the almost dead :-)

mullet said...

oh pisces....is that not what we do?
Talk of the dead....intense.gotta say....if it's not more depressing than life......might as well multi task!

RC said...

oh, that image gives me a horrible headache.

--RC of strangeculture.blogspot.com