Friday, August 11, 2006

The Man Who Bought My Skin

in hoc signo vinces: In this sign thou shalt conquer. (The motto is said to have been adopted by Constantine after his vision of a cross in the heavens just before his decisive battle with Maxentius, A.D. 312.) Zdzislaw Beksinski (1972)

Watching from the room behind your eyes
Yellow teeth flash in a friendly face
Wishing you didn’t have to over-analyse
Wishing you could join the human race

With blissful ignorance of all action taken
Blind faith in gods created from cut-out
Anaesthetised dealing in hearts bruised and shaken
Surgeon’s cold hand in cavities of doubt

Lost in the halls of organised culture
Where pictures hang high over upturned faces
in the pit of his gut breeds a Darwinian ulcer
Born in the nefarious conflict of races

Continents in blood bathed children cry
Bullets and bombs and empire’s advance
Lumber forward to the lip of blue sky
Occluded by clouds of profiteering vengeance

Onward to Mars in the plunderer’s delusion
The language of hope for the body’s demise
Nobody sees us, it’s all an illusion
Reaping rewards while the temperatures rise

Trees made of glue and plastic and oil
Heads full of murder and hands full of blood
run for the edge where the seas swirl and boil
or wait at the levee for the next killer flood

the sun bursts through the cold cloud at his shoulder
his glass eye gleams with a deep buried humour
You smile in return a thousand years older
dead to the world, just another consumer.


Spooks said...


Zatikia said...

Your words like a symphony wash over. They are used so well. So much is lost, just gone. Skinless consumers like a plague.

Callous Communist said...

Q, I love your poetry. You have the power if you choose to galvanize the people to fight. Z, your metaphor would be better apt with the description mindless instead of skinless. The consumer presently is thick-skinned. No offense meant, I do appreciate your sentiments. Sorry I've been gone, been slaving for the man...

the flying monkeys said...

Excellent, am linking to here.