Tuesday, August 08, 2006

View From The Treetops (9 Aug 06)

Real News From Beirut

Mazen Kerbaj Reporting on Kerblog


Christian Fundamentalist Army?

David Byrne worries about the indoctrination of children into the right-wing army of Jesus. He equates certain 'Jesus Camps' to the Madrassas (Islamic religious instructional schools)



Chase Me
You may have seen pictures of Banksy's work on the Israeli wall. His work takes grafitti to a new level, cheeky, political and subversive.
Visit Banksy's website for loads of artwork both on and off the walls.



jams o donnell said...

I took a photo of the canvas he did for Brian Haw's protest outside parliamert. Sadly it was taken down when the police reduced the size of his display

Zatikia said...

Designer religions, pick and choose your idols, take what text fits and lie about the rest.

mullet said...

i saw banksy's stuff - yummy! I'm amazed that the powers that be 'got' it?