Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Alchemy Lesson No.71: Evaporation

Here I go courting that melancholy muse
With eyes super-glued to my surrealist shoes
Whose laces are ceremoniously welded together
In an attempt to be cynical… yeah whatever

Yup, those idiot shoes on bright new wheels
Trundle along as the long week decrees
that Monday steals what Friday deals
and the managers rattle their captured keys
We deep cleanse our conscience with moral decay™
Never averting eyes from the newsreader’s array
of shiny new suits and dazzling dentistry
lies and more lies and vacuous piss-artistry
We dig our fingers into the arms of the chair
and curl our toes through imagining hair
Surround ourselves with aluminium* foil
to ward off the gamma from the paranoid coil
that sits behind the screen of the propaganda machine
and reports to BigDaddy all our thoughts obscene.
All our underwear unclean and behind-ear green
Uncrossed golf tees and polka-dot eyes
Pulled faces in the wind-change carnival disguise
Open scissor legs mirror grandma’s apple-pie demise
Crossed fingers broken in national security’s vice
Hooded head heathens detained without trial
Oil stained corpses on the golden mile
Islamo-fascists and right-wing beatniks
Altruistic celebrities and militant peaceniks
Satanist pope Marilyn Manson Messiah
Testicles burned with General Electric wire
Torture conducted by Peaches and Cream
Breast-fed on TV and Disney’s bad dream
Legal decrees to protect the already untouchable
Wire-tapped phones douse the extremely combustible
little man-in-the-street with his trusting ways
Unable to believe these are the end of our days
of prosperous growth on the wave of deceit
now melting like wax in a heap at his feet

Now dazed and confused I remove my clown shoes
Kick the muse in the teeth and shove my fears underneath
the rug in the hall in the hope I won’t fall
between the cracks of sorrow and dreams of tomorrow
Where everything could be just the same as today
And I won’t have to beg them to come out and play...

...and where love would await me as it does every day.


the flying monkeys said...

Subliminal but quite excellently perceptible. Its beautiful

Zatikia said...

Another surprise, different always. Word paintings. I will read it again.

Zanzounito said...

I officially have a computer-screen burnt face, thank you