Tuesday, October 17, 2006

View From The Treetops (18 Oct '06)

The Lizzzzard Queen's Forked Tongue

Rice - Leaves a Bad Taste in the Mouth

Ramzy Baroud boils some Long Grin Rice on Znet


Straight Talk

David Rovics - A Taste of Truthfulness

Talented Scottish politico-blogger, Michael Tubthumper has posted his greatest hits - a series of astute and moving short films set to music - all of which are well worth a look and a listen, if like me you enjoy coming out in goosebumps.
The second film uses a song called 'How far is it from here to Nuremberg' by David Rovics, I enjoyed it so much that I went looking for more.
I found protest songs of an honesty and intensity that have seldom been heard since the 60's and 70's, Rovics allows his music to be downloaded free - the irony being that it is well worth paying full price for.


Talking in Tongues

The Mars Volta released their third album Amputechture last month. I have given it a few listens but it hasn't yet grabbed me yet. I am however a huge fan of their debut De-Loused in the Comatorium; an album stitched through with medical and anatomic references (suture/contusion) mind-flights and mind-fucks and containing the most perfect line: "Everyone knows the last toes are always the coldest to curl"


Zatikia said...

Such an appropriate name, the lizard queen, for such an ugly woman.

The movies and music look interesting, I will spend some time this evening with them.

red-dirt-girl said...

It appears there is a theme running through this river: of tongues......no wonder it is considered the strongest weapon in our human arsenal.......silver dipped, forked, pointed, back-stabbing, honeyed, sweet, soft, beckoning.....slaying dragons and breathing fire all at the same time....America - the land of freedom and plenty......of tongue!

Here's hoping you find sweet nothingness soon, Pisces :)


jams o donnell said...

Never got into Marrs Volta myself but David Rovics is well worth a listen. Attila the Stockbroker tours with him quite frequently.

Anonymous said...

One of my favourite bands.