Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Conditioning Your Reflexes

I’m just some reflex
When struck, the knee will jerk

Will I bleed my head dry without ever knowing why; without seeing the vein tapped as the years roll by?
There are thoughts that can be plucked like feathers from the golden goose of the collective unconscious. There are thoughts that spawn from misunderstood concepts, from misspelled words and faulty statistics.

World views are narrow perceptions of the whole, affixed with perceived wisdom and hand-me-down knowledge.
Opinions are shaped and sculpted by the hands of the unscrupulous few, their agenda to pursue.
Words are nebulous and vague inexactitudes, meanings manipulated, perverted by power, shaped into labels loaded with emotional short-cuts that best serve the powerful.
The printed word – that which freed the common man from the grip of ignorance, which gave voice to the oppressed, has fallen into the hands of the oppressor.

Speak up now through this Babylon keyboard; this narrow window of freedom where you can yet speak without advertising or political pressure – where if you so desire, you can choose to speak and think for yourself without recourse to the lies you are fed.

And yet we see, in great reams of electronic paper, the regurgitated views of power, religion and self-imposed ignorance, schoolboy dreams of sporting prowess, fear of an apocalyptic future, a future where the ghosts of dead activists are turned to stone cold cultural icons and employed as weapons for party political gain.

Belief is a malleable tool in the hands of the unscrupulous, belief is their strongest weapon. Belief is your strongest weapon when suspended.
Hold it close to your chest and question those who would have you believe in them.
Why do they petition you so?
Why do they require you to believe their shallow agenda?
You are but a grain of sand on time’s desert, why would they require your consent?
And why would you – the most important person in your world – why would you desire to be part of this construct; this hive mind where the honey is held as preserve for the few?
Yes we may huddle together for protection; but who do we most require protection against?
Who should we fear the most: those who claim to do Allah’s word; or those who come in the name of god? Are they not two sides of the same coin?
Terrorists? Anarchists? Antichrists? Islamists? Christian Fundamentalists? Israeli Expansionists? South American SocioCapitalists?
Or those who would have us believe that there is danger behind every pair of brown eyes; every foreign tongue; every veil?

Fear the seed in your own heart that wishes just to be left in peace and not to be concerned with all that is done in your name; all that is done with the taxes you pay; all that is done with those little electronic components that you helped to create; with those pharmaceutical miracles that you cannot afford; all of the tomorrows that your children will inherit.

And what of my own hands, lightly stained in oil gotten gains? Who am I to say what you should believe?

Form your own beliefs. Write your own life.


red-dirt-girl said...

Another beauty......isn't that why we blog? to give form to our own voices? to put them out there in space and time.....not knowing or really caring who listens....yet we seem to be like random molecules that bump into together...sometimes fusing.....other times just veering off into different directions??? how can we free ourselves from our culture which so pervasively shapes us from birth???? how do we step outside the voices to listen to our own?

Once again, another Pisces post I just might have to copt for the red dirt blog........!


Chandira said...

Shit that's good.