Saturday, January 27, 2007

The Cat That Got The Cream

Day and Night ~ MC Escher

She looks in his eyes and he cannot look away.
Brown and green she seeks to find where his head is held; where his heart resides wrapped and rolled by the years of exposure to the elements of social discourse and forked tongue negotiating.
He looks in her eyes and he does not want to look away, since she holds him in the calm that she does not feel; the calm that allows his fears to be shared; the calm that comes in trust; held in trust for the future’s narrow path.
And all a-jangle in the chaos of now and the dizzy head rush of tomorrow’s hoping, they fall again; each into the other’s arms so that there is no place to determine who is holding who up; who leads and who follows – a unity of opposing numbers – the square root of two.
And when he calls her name in the cold light of the day’s labyrinth; calls his anger; calls his fear; his disillusionment – she takes his tears on the webs of her lashes; on the lips to kiss away the morning; to warm the moon’s silver bed.
And when she calls his name in the heat of the night; leaving no syllable unturned; no strings attached; he wakes to her face; her fears and insomniac ramblings; taking her tears on his tongue like a man drowning in sand.
And in the chambers of their hearts - in comfortable rhythms and soft sofa habit; in the beat of bonds that are at once fragile and unbreakable; there walks the ghosts of all their dreams; there filed all the words of comfort whispered; there the smiling and gentle avatar of minds met.
And the pollen blown on the wind of time settles on the lip of day to proclaim itself sweet as the honey it could have become had it not chosen to travel; to see the world.
And those frozen embryos left behind in chambers of commerce and scientific exploration; what will they say when they meet the future that beckons finger crooked and smile enigmatic; what point is there to be made that hasn’t already been put to bed; tucked up to the chin with eyes wide searching?


Candace said...

PI, thanks very much for stopping by mah blog!

I love the chess board with the fighter jets/geese. Well said.

Zanzounito said...

these words are incredible

littlebitofsonshine said...

such moving words should become a clasic and published but then i think all your words should be.