Monday, January 08, 2007

View From The Treetops (9 Jan '07)

Apocalypto Lies

God's on MY side
Christian Fundamentalist/Right Wing Propagandist?
Saddam Hussein stunt double?

Gibson brought Apocalypto to life on the propaganda front of a spiritual war, a deadly serious culture war between those who would protect and defend the Earth’s ability to live and those on the Christian Right who want to “bring on” Armageddon.

Over at The Fourth World Juan Santos questions Mel Gibson's agenda.


Why did Ethiopia invade Somalia?

C'mon baby, you know you vant me

All you need is love (his name lives on)

While DAVID WHITEHOUSE at Socialist Worker reports on why Ethiopia went to war against its similarly poverty-stricken neighbour - and why the U.S. government supported it.


South America: Toward an Alternative Future

And at ZNet Noam Chomsky contemplates South American unification.


The Mars Volta - Televators

...someday his chalk outline will circle this city...


red-dirt-girl said...

no problem re: the meme (kind of you to say so.......)

i've been working here and there on a post regarding all the genocides of the 20th appears you are beating me to it, however!


Chandira said...

Mel Gibson is bearing a striking resemblance to Saddam, isn't he?? Wow. Scary shit.

But then, this place is becoming that, rather too fast for my liking.

And the right never heard the term 'self-fulfilling prophecy', I suppose. sigh.. Can't we jsut stick em all on an island somewhere, and let them get on with it and leave us the hell alone? How about Bikini, as we nuked that already..

Anonymous said...

There's always been the "Fletcher Memorial Home for Colonial Wasters of Life and Limb" from the Floyd.