Friday, February 02, 2007

Android Warehouse

At the edge of the wharf you look down into mercury imagining
Reflections of yourself filtered through deep soul mining
In a sea if wet dreaming and cold calculation
your mouth an open book of moral indignation
hitting the ground again, your face to cushion the blow
learning to fly is not all about what you’ve got to show
through righteous indignation and spirit wrenches
to the whistleblowers waiting on green park benches
on the wings of covert foreign black-op adventures
past cowering men in blood filled trenches
through clouds of paranoia and lead weight self-doubt
through mazes and trick doors clearly marked ‘way out’
you follow the hand that seeks to distract the eye
trying to see but hoping-against-hope never to spy
the secret that lurks up those volumous sleeves
like the creatures that rustle under dry autumn leaves
like the eyes of the speaker in spotlight glare
like the secrets revealed in politician stare
like the lies that you wish your mother never told
and the pieces of heart that your sister sold
for comfort in her hour of deepest need
to the man who had drowned in his own damaged seed
waiting forever the bottle level dropping
waiting even after her love came to stop him
So you watch from the wings of your life’s opening night
daring not to venture that close to the light
For fear that your bones might be improperly revealed
Picked over, analysed, the skin from them peeled
And yet it’s by your own light that you are illuminated
Lifted up above the herd and self-incriminated
Your words against you they will gainfully employ
For whom the gods notice they will seek to destroy

The title for this poem is an early Steely Dan demo track. (And later the title of an album containing pre-Steely Dan demos by Becker/Fagen). Android Warehouse was retitled The Halls of Altamira on that cynical work of wonder 'The Royal Scam'


Anonymous said...

you've outdone yourself!!!!!! this is fabulous, pisces......I know I'll want to use it over at rdg.........!

gregrandgar said...

In a sea of wet dreaming and cold calculation"
Cold Calulation is definitely the way to fuck up a Wet Dream, especially if it depends on getting your whistle blown at the green park benches. You soar and swoopingly dwell, bro. Thanks again.

Dr Victorino de la Vega said...

Hi Jude,

Thanks for dropping by.

“No," they replied, "It's a grave for a tall, thin American" ”

Tall, just like the jingoistic lies they were fed

Thin, like the last shred of Republican ethos

In a nation run by war profiteers and The Fed

Who slipped a dose of surge in our daily Cheerios