Thursday, February 15, 2007

The Past that Suits You Best

The hours are a wind that blows through the heart’s antechamber
Knocking at the vaults where the past is locked away
Blisters and scars bolts of powder burns and bruises blue
Time allows access with shiny plastic security card swiped
To the halls of slipped tongues and thought meander
Allowing the inmates to take over the institute
of suppressed memory and buried hurt
Allowing entrance to those lost continents sunk below
And in negligence wrapped no bows or boas
No carefully captioned records
No witty titled mementoes
Those lost world thirds
With cracked ceramic coats
To ward off the winter chill of remembering
And in cold mud to go digging
With shovel sharp and aged with rust’s rumours
Raise the dead who will not rot
But prefer to fester in the mind’s cold arena
Twisted and torn and of nostalgia born
They rise as yet undead
Clinging synaptic motes of dust
Perhaps hoping for a future in which to flourish
Or a past rewritten…


Anonymous said...

Pisces.......this is perfect......not a word misplaced...and speaks to all things we harbor in our hearts and minds.......did you know that trauma actually physically alters brain structure as well?? it is more than just memory that suffers, but the physical as well...

littlebitofsonshine said...

you are so moving as words as well would be such a honor one day to hear you read them in persion.Please also do me a a kind favor and tell your mates sister i said hello and i miss her.Be safe walk in peace allways you man of iner wonder never have i read such words that cause a self awaking in such a caring way .May we all heal from out own iner pain and find peace and happness .Thank you also red-dirt-girl for that information it helps me understand me so much better now also bless you allways.

Pisces Iscariot said...

Thank you aredeegee: mind and body; a not always symbiotic relationship.
Thank you sonshine: I will pass your message on to mullet.