Thursday, May 10, 2007

Bring Me the Head of Philip K. Dick

Bring me the head of Philip K. Dick
I’ve had enough of this reality shtick
Open it wide with paranoid meat cleaver
And set the bugs free from the surveillance receiver
Let them run wild over bodies and bureaucracy
Let them reveal the truth about modern democracy
- a ubiquitous lie that we all must endure
while our freedom’s worth less than combustible manure
which is mined with expendable and low cost man-hours
from the sallow earth mother by the corrupt superpowers
No spandex or lurex here, no patriotic power factor
No spider-sense tingle in the nuclear reactor
Nor justice league guided by the ethos of purity
Or daredevil flights at the walls of absurdity
Just pinstripe and braces and receding hairline
Expanding bank balance and waste-filled waistline
Greed and control and the amassing of wealth
While we fret and bemoan our declining mental health
disorders created to market the readymade cure
by science and religion we are marched to the door
to face the abyss we were led to ignore
to be caught by surprise as we fall through the floor
So bring me the head of Philip K. Dick
His scanner illuminates the simplest of tricks
That lurks in the sleeves of those amateur magicians
Who we hold up to be our elected politicians


NBarrows said...

they put cameras' in your food...
someday they will download you.

Pastry Artist said...

Too disturbing!

Chandira said...

I always want to leave a comment that is something other than just 'awesome', but that's just what this is.. :-)

Devin said...

This was great Pisces! Thanks so much for stopping by and giving me this link-I was going to do an article but now that I am online I find myself too tired-I hope you had a fantastic weekend!!

Pisces Iscariot said...

Thanks Devin - glad you enjoyed