Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Sting in the Century's Tail

Here is a idle check for the machinations; the links intertwined;
The years between the payoff and the crime
The simple mechanism ticking over, marking time between the setup and the invisible sting

They built a monument to the 20th century
And while lining their pockets with public money, undermined it all the way; set it up to fail
Then throwing their hands up in theatrical dismay
Left it derelict to sink away beneath the threshold of awareness

Now while your eyes are distracted by the changing of the guard, they have bought it for a song ‘there’s no business like big business’ through the front company with back links obscured
No actors these are the men behind the men

Now we are invited down to the new show in town
A shining new entertainment capital openly named to advertise their cleverness
To say to those who listen but have no voice
“This is how easy it is to fuck the public over”

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