Wednesday, September 26, 2007

View From The Treetops (26 Sept '07)

Blackwater - Another Whitewash?

The true spirit of American Democracy

It seems that the tide may have finally turned on Blackwater USA. It remains to be seen whether they will be removed from Iraq - I doubt it somehow.

I posted about Blackwater in a piece called Red Right Hand back in March. It was the mangled remains of Blackwater operatives that were dragged through the steets of Fallujah after being killed by enraged Iraqis, an act which sparked off the most disgraceful act of revenge on a civilian population by this particular US administration, the operatives being portaryed as patriotic (and by implication, innocent) American servicemen. These men are NOT US soldiers; they are highly paid killers without even the meagre respectabiliy of the nation's military code to guide them - they are the para-military wing of Halliburton paid and package by the US taxpayer.

But wait; Blackwater is only one vulture pecking at the ripe flesh of profits to be made from the blood of innocent people:
ArmorGroup chaired by Tory ex-sleaze merchant Malcolm Rifkind
Global Strategies Group
Control Risks Group
Custer Battles
Aegis Defence Services
...the list goes on and on. Try Googling 'Private Military Corporations'.


The Children of God

Teach your children well
Israeli children prepare loving greetings for their neighbours

The western inabilty to face up to the fact that the actions of 'state' of Israel is, by no stretch of the imagination, comparable to those of the Nazis.
Of course, merely to criticise Israel is to bring down upon oneself a barrage of accusations of anti-sematism, but consider the actions of Israel against the people of Palestine:

  • enforced relocation and confiscation of property
  • the creation of ghettos
  • Military aggression against its neighbours

Now you can protest all you like about Israel having to protect itself against Arab aggression but it remains that before the questionable creation of the 'state' of Israel, Arabs (both Muslim and Christian) and Jews had coexisted in Palestine without recourse to this amount of blood - not since the crusades anyway.
But the (to the western mind) inalienable right of the Jews to 'the holy land' has allowed us to be complicit in all of this bloodshed (as we did during the crusades) and just like its financier, Israel blantantly ignores the findings and half-hearted objections of the international community when it comes to its blatant contravention of international law.
It can no longer be deemed ironic that once again it is the systems of morality that call themselves 'the word of god' that are responsible for the most horrific acts of brutality on those who do not have a voice.
Small wonder that we can safely decree that god is dead (if, in fact, he ever did exist).


Queens of the Stone Age - Go With the Flow

For all my fellow little fishes out there...


gregra&gar said...

You are tres generous using god and fact in the same sentence. It is a fact that god is in the bible, it is a fact that marijuana is illegal. Is god real, can nature be criminalized?

Watching the robes against the chosen ones in this semitic cockfight arranged by fat, rich, white guys in their sandy arena reminds me of a gardener's cure for two fire ant beds: dump a spade full of one bed onto the other — they wipe each other out.

Anonymous said...

sexy. the video. how far are you willing to flow, pisces?

G&G was the first person i thought of when i read this quote ... actually, it was probably you - but i gave it to him first. it fits here, i think (with the video theme, that is):

"The General, speaking one felt with authority, always insisted that, if you bring off adequate preservation of your personal myth, nothing much else in life matters. It is not what happens to people that is significant, but what they think happens to them."

in their head ...

just another fish in the sea