Friday, October 19, 2007

Engineering: A Better Future?

A toast if you will for the ‘no blame culture’ where personal responsibility is forgone for the collective wisdom of managerial piety.
Glasses raised to the church of health and safety that decrees homo sapiens incapable of descending stairs while simultaneously carrying a cup of coffee
Three cheers for the proud man with no method but to pass the task on to the next man to complete.
Kudos to the intelligence that creates a new manager to manage the managers.
Hooray for the man who can, without irony, feel satisfied in a week spent shuffling paper and creating spreadsheets to prove it.
An extra large bonus please for the man whose suit will define him as powerful enough to legally earn a living by doing nothing.
A shiny shiny sheriff’s badge for him that believes with all his heart that he can only manage downward.
A long service flashlight awarded to the man in the middle who can see up the skirt of the company whore.
Here’s to the death of a million trees to design and create a paper mill.

Some weeks are shitter than others.


Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) said...

I'm sorry you've had a shitty week, Pisces. I remember those weeks well. Swallowed up and sitting in the bowels of the beast wondering what on earth is the point of it all and how it is that the lunatics at the top of the pile ever got there and what bloody right they have to be there... Yes, alright, let me not get started. I walked away from all that with very good reason.
Here's hoping that next week is a lot better and that you have a wonderful and creative and gentle weekend.

gregra&gar said...

'T'would seem that food requires a farm or money, money requires prostitution. While we're making money for food, might as well make a little extra for stuff we don't have time to make or do ourselves 'cause we're busy makin' money. The only questions left then is our price and whether we share it with a pimp and the company whores or brave the streets alone. I've got it down to the art of phone sex where I get requests for and deliver artwork through the sterility of the internet and hardly ever feel like having to wash up afterward.

Hell man, you got moves they can only dream of, get out there and hustle your bustle freelance for your price from whom you choose doing what makes you happy. Life is too long to suffer such wrong.

leslie said...

Hello PI,
As I was reading this, I was relating to it completely, and thinking, 'he's had a shitty week'. Then your tag line was there...
I will not be the one to say 'it will get better'.

Pisces Iscariot said...

Hi Leslie, thanks for dropping by.