Sunday, November 18, 2007

Ask Me Another One

Augie March - One Crowded Hour

Counting Crows - Rain King

What is the literary link between these two works of poetic beauty?

Answer here


Neil Young - Pocahontas

Name one other song that contains the words 'Aurora Borealis'

One possible answer from the eighties may be viewed here


And finally, follow the links back...


gregra&gar said...

The blogosphere does much to level the playing field for nationality, ethnicity, sexual preference, age and gender, but music — the variety of influences at different times and places actually accentuate the differences in musical taste.
As always muffled lyrics leave songs up to misinterpretation so I am not too sure I caught the thread of your post, but thanks for the music anyway.

karoline said...

well..sir iscariot...days have come and gone and here i find myself...back to your're insisting on not muddying up papers with yesterdays news..and i honor that although i did at least give it a good bang..i shall endeavor to learn how to use the archive box and stray back to where it was i last left off... ;p

..i've snuck in, read in silence and come away mystified at how you are the one to make your words take on a life of their own...

and now, today..i have made a discovery...i'm smitten with the crowded hour song and shall wax lyrically over the...ehem..lyrics..i'm sure..for days..

thankyou for this delightful surprise...


Pisces Iscariot said...

sir iscariot ey? mmmm... might have to return that knighthood on account of dodgy connections to empire :)

The final links are:
Deacon Blue are named after the song 'Deacon Blues' by Steely Dan who are named after a giant dildo in William Burroughs' 'Naked Lunch'.

jams o donnell said...

The frst two video titles said Saul Bellow immediately! I didn't know Deacon Blue got their name from A Steely Dan song. I knew where Steely Dan got ther name.

I heard tell that Robyn Hitchcock's band the Soft Boys is a fusion of Burroughs titles...

Princess Haiku said...

Well, I can't answer these questions but I enjoyed the music. Are any prizes involved in getting the answers right. Prizes do tend to be motivating. :)