Sunday, March 30, 2008

View From The Treetops (30 Mar '08)

More News From Nowhere

Hey hey here we go Rambo’s saving Burma
Blood red carpet welcomes America’s first black president – prepare for more of the same.
Sub-prime credit crunch fuck you pedestrians, Wall Street brokers are laughing their dicks off.
Israel continues dispersing the bullets paid for in dollars by the American Dream, paid for in blood by Palestinian civilians, cranking the pressure on Concentration Camp Gaza while wailing in protest on the monopoly board.
Cheney’s in the Middle East drumming up business
The machine grinds out a new gadget to pacify your racing heart.
The more we improve and develop, the worse things get.
New and improved but impossible to use.
Choke back your tongue in protest for your children’s future, their education, their hope, their means of survival.
You crime ministers and bone eaters
Paedeophobic teachers and wife beaters
Blockbusters pulling the money (who needs the Oscars when we’ve got CGI)
CGI means never having to be astonished
It has never been truer that you shouldn’t believe half of what you see.
And none of what you hear.

Title from Nick Cave's latest gift "Dig! Lazarus Dig!"
See also the novel by William Morris


Half of What You See

Sacred cows: always hardest to slaughter, especially in the face of well entrenched truth.
The Greanville Journal dishes the dirt on the Dalai Lama here.


Terence McKenna ~ Culture is Your Operating System

Clinic ~ If You Could Read Your Mind


gregra&gar said...

Whew! Putting Terence in after the slashing of the apron strings to a sacred cow is like the astringent with which all such shatterings of contingent belief must be treated.

As Prot said in Kpax, "Everyone in the universe knows right from wrong, Doctor."

The difficulty in life is in swallowing the cultural stew when everyone is capable of feeding themselves.

Foe myself, I function quite happily without an operating system, my internal computer runs without memory of fixed metaphors to precondition the senses to now.
I have been enlightened by the Dalai Lama, who he is cannot touch that.

Pisces Iscariot said...

astringent yes!
I think the question here is not what you get from the dalai lama but who uses his name to further their own (not so enlightening) ends.
In the continuing campaign against China by the west, Tibet is but one (double standard) string on the propaganda violin.

Anonymous said...

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gregra&gar said...

You're right, I got carried away about the apron and forgot the violin.

Somehow I believe peak oil will settle the problems of western plunder of the planet and each other before military/industrial remote controls complete the enslavement of the less than elite and the irreversible poisoning of our life support system. No remedy for the dependence of our food chain on fossil fuels for harvest, shipping and shopping though — lots of hungry people who never learned to feed themselves and are refusing to learn even now.

Absolute Vanilla (& Atyllah) said...

Natch, I've been carefully trying to avoid the world for a while 'cos the world always tries to creep too close. I think I am going to go and hide now, leaving others to the sins of the fathers, the rapacious greed of too sudden change and our inability to evolve in tune - or beyond - with the Mammon we've created.
Truly, we are a miserable species. My money is on bacteria to win this round and the next.

Karlo said...

I find the article to be little less than a propaganda piece for the Chinese government. In some farfetched Marxist-Hegelian universe of discourse, any new and more organized form of oppression provides more opportunities for organized resistance and more modern thinking, but I hardly see the Chinese as an improvement. Much of the description of Tibetan society and Tibetan Buddhism displays fundamental ignorance of the ideas.

Pisces Iscariot said...

The question is not whether we protest China's oppression of Tibet, but rather who we serve in our protest (after all, we are not on the street protesting oppression in Palestine)
Yes we should resist oppressive regimes, but not in the service of equally oppressive regimes parading as democacies.

gregra&gar said...

"Twould seem realigning allegiances along self sufficient tribal levels is the path out of the total corruptibility of nation sized government.