Saturday, May 17, 2008


The rain came early; unpredicted by the weather underground
The pundits pondered, gave their words a laundry run-around
Proclaimed the world at fault, their wages stashed in mattress hair
And duly washed their hands upon this troublesome affair

The dam once broken floods the lawn with past rainfall
Wets my broken feet and causes cars to stall
Out in the street washing yellow lines from the curb
Footprints pad past wilted roses lest their thorns disturb

The sleeping queues of clotted arteries carbon clogged
The rolling hills of forests long past logged
The shattered glass from windows wondrous lost
The future’s shed its children brought to cost

And now the water shed from eyes that well
Drip the beat retreat from corpses where they fell
Sons and daughters drowned in light of a 100 TV crews
Daylight darker that all the ink that masquerades as news


gregra&gar said...

Mother nature is judged by her compliance with our perversions.

the suspect said...

lovely picture... first time to see such angle.

the poetry is much appreciated. it is lyrical & poses a challenge.

well done. i'll be back to take a peek on ur future stories & poetries.

rvivekshanmugam said...

Liked ur Blog very much dude...
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Can we exchange links?!
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