Friday, October 31, 2008

A Shooting Star

Explosions in a vacuum – sounds for ears and sights for eyes sore enough to notice.
Pinpricks in the firmament, blood upon the moon; light polluted petulant
for words wont wax and legs wont walk the tightrope sent too soon
The slightest frame of mind defamed by strands of discontent
Into the loom where fabric feathers fatal futile trap
The unsuspecting with studded piston slap
And rocket reels to stratospheric high
Slams into the steely all-seeing eye
Disrupting TV signals teeming
Sideshow horseshit steaming
For hammed-up slips
Or slapstick trips
Down paths
of leaves
Insects scribe
While minds imbibe
The raw face of tomorrow
Not for want or need indeed
But for scattered seeds of sorrow
tears that gather yet the precious fading light
myriad mercurial tracks upon this edifice up-gazing
To hold the moment focussed now and forever fierce unfading
And wounded wished I were yet more than just a meteorite

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