Thursday, November 06, 2008

Word on a Wing

Don't wake me up without a master plan ~ Delgados (The Light Before We Land)

God and demons and desperate souls – the theory’s littered with circuit holes, ungrounded thought through which the world may be diligently sucked, pummelled pissed and pounded leaving little less that hope and hapless luck.
What follows is not the result of a long-running scientific investigation; nor carried hence on bended knees the words of some great divination.
But you may come to see that we are neither inherently good nor inherently evil (an impossible dream devised by the simple minded lens of the silver screen) – nor are we a monochrome gradation of black to white (those shades of grey will drain your light away in desperate attempt to colour).
This complex organism whose reflexes are dictated not by rules and regulatory bodies, but by a body of evidentiary responses gathered through millennia of evasive action:
-DNA switches and synaptic triggers; dopamine dancers and serotonin trances; childhood beatings and elementary teachings; alcohol lasers and ripped school blazers at the hands of the smokers and engine room stokers - Myriad fluctuations in the moons gravitation, water distilling in my imagination; teeth baring grimace at the world’s baptism; cerebral fracture at the terrible schism that lies at your feet, at your toe tip division between promises made and actions taken, between wishes coined and wells dug, between hope and hype, hell and high water.
Stranded here on the outskirts of town; where they still do things in a joined-up way; where the old men of method tried-and true still bedevilled hold sway; where the tombstones are inscribed with lessons learned and the flowers grow between the blades of municipal mowers; where traffic jams at pedestrian crossing and children glaze at pancake tossing.
Between the rows of hedges hewn that demarcate the limits of suburban imagination and the engines that steam from crucifix scorn to genuflect stations
When they say “Jump!” I say “Why?”


Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) said...

Terrific juxtapositions. And yes, indeed, "why?". Actually, I lie, I don't, I mostly just smile to myself and carry on along the road less traveled.

Princess Haiku said...

Hi Pisces,
Thanks for following me and I don't know why I don't have that feature yet. Soon, I hope and I will add you. Will come back tomorrow to read your new poem as I am toast right now. Best

Princess Haiku said...

Thanks for the tip and this is very surreal.

spit said...

This was one hell of a ride