Sunday, December 07, 2008

The Other Window

What do you whisper, that wind that blows through the spectral remnants of roaring cities?
Encoded in your voice are the messages of the past and suspended in your delivery the mingled dust of dead armies and the children they slaughtered.
I hear your footsteps echo in the afterthought, absent-mindedly surveying this red winter, thoughts hanging icicle sharp to razor logic inferred: the conclusion surely that we are not who we think we are:
  • No conquistadors of savage tribes
  • No civilisers of heathen hoards
  • No pioneers of the final frontier
  • No scientific sorcerers in the name of god or any other lie
  • No kings of the food chain dangling delicate on the edge
Look at our skills, our cutting edge, our science – all of that energy and effort concentrated on prolonging our tenuous hold on life… and all the while pushing that technology further and further in order to create methods of killing without guilt; killing from a distance; smart weapons; techno-fucking-warefare.
Killing is our greatest skill; it’s what we do best.
Killing is hard-wired into our genetic code – since we were never going to be the strongest animal in the wilderness we took it upon ourselves to label those stronger animals as ‘dangerous’ and proceeded to slaughter: for food and for shelter and later, for fun. and now we are working our way though the wilderness too - dangerous leaves: declare war on drugs; dangerous weather: declare war on global warming; dangerous beliefs… well, you know where that leads.
Danger is the first word in the propaganda dictionary.
Danger breeds fear, fear allows control.

He saw a black horse fighting for its life
In a barbed wire fence
Fatally tangled
The more it struggled
The more it was strangled
He turned away
What could he do?
The other window
Had a nicer view
~ Wire


James Higham said...

...label those stronger animals as ‘dangerous’ and proceeded to slaughter...

Always the way. If not slaughter, then de-clawing.

CherryPie said...

Danger breeds fear, fear allows control.

Very true indeed!

Donn Coppens said...

When the expanding African Savannah formed our anxious ancestors were forced to wander out as an organism that was 50/50 prey/predator.

Within a brief period of Time, in evolutionary terms, we had developed methods of cooperative killing that allowed us to claw our way up the food chain.

Soon, having completely altered the natural order of things, we sat at the zenith as the apex predator and concentrated on eliminating the other human competitors.

We have almost perfected this process, although for a myriad of reasons, military commanders still inexplicably prefer to sacrifice boots on the ground rather than send in billions of dollars worth of deathbots from above?

It's totally depressing that we waste so much money and resources on eliminating the others but it speaks volumes about our inability to overcome our hardwiring despite all the fancy-schmancy philosophical claptrap.

I suspect that Gaia will deal with us much like she did the Dinosaurs..perhaps a virus this any case, SHE had better come up with something fast before we take all of the others with us.

wv unced as in "perhaps some things are better left unced"

Pisces Iscariot said...

Perhaps we are the virus for which there is not cure but deep deep freeze

Moineau En France said...

i'm intrigued, pisces, by the fact that your style is so like the vision that engenders it, in a word, sharp. i've been thinking lately that, like the dinosaurs before us, we will be forced out as a result of climate change, and yes indeed, a deep freeze for many, which, although not technically a burning, will feel like one. this might all be depressing, but your truth (the truth?) is refreshing. pleased tah meet'cha, brother prophet!

Pisces Iscariot said...

Please to meet you too Moineau - did you say prophet??! I can hear the locals coming with flaming torches and farm implements - no thanks ;]