Thursday, January 29, 2009


Smokin' ~ Dan Wheaton

Chance ran the numbers – the odds came up as 50,359,288:1
He crossed the exposed clearing, hunched his shoulders (despite the calculated odds) anticipating a sniper’s attention.
Nihil was waiting on the other side; ill-defined by the shadows cast on pock-marked yellow walls by the unfettered red sun.
“D’ya geddit?”
Chance nodded, guilt circuits aching, he handed over the package.
“’Bout time you got something right nanobrain” Nihil growled as he turned into the dark doorway leading to the building interior, unwrapping the parcel as he went.
Chance ran the insult across his soul pattern, trying, unsuccessfully (for the 745th time) to integrate it into his pain circuits.
The black rectangular doorway through which Nihil had disappeared lit up bright white and red and Chance’s audio system cut out momentarily in self-defence; the shockwave that followed 0.05 of a second later caused him to step back to keep from falling.
Chance pulsed his aura-field to remove the flecks of Nihil’s blood and gristle from his body.
He ran the numbers again – the odds had been 2:1 against at the time of retrieving the parcel
He detected some damage to his guilt circuits.


Yodood said...

Duplicity is forever
because we can

Yodood said...

Since lying is always possible
the cure lies
not in prohibiting lies
but in redirecting faith in others
to one's own inner truth
for the story of life.
It is much easier to recognize truth
Once one finds it in oneself

Pisces Iscariot said...

mmm... I didn't think Chance was lying... he merely used the numbers to obtain an unexpected result ;)

Yodood said...

Certainly Nihil was fooled into believing something untrue — unless I missed that he actually ordered his own explosive death.

Pisces Iscariot said...

I think you just shot the messenger :)

Anonymous said...

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James Higham said...

Pain circuits - know them well.

Rrramone said...