Friday, May 01, 2009

Galaxies & Stars

Zodiaque ~ Philippe Caza

A kiss in a ghost room, fingertip skin glisten
The clock in the hall counts its gears
Shadows adjacent with ears to wall listen
Take notes in a book made from wasted years

Secrets construct a room made of flowers
Oblivious of the clock and its ignorant hours
They fall through the air their bodies remain
The taste of the world, the core of the flame

He lifts up the curtain that swallows the sun
She breathes from the heart of the stars’ aqualung
He kneels at her alter his life to confess
She worships the hem of her self undressed

The veins of gold that run through her heart
Preclude all lovers who forget their part
In the ballroom daze of bedroom dreams
Where well-planned lives fall apart at the seams

His fingers fumble her mourning buttons
Pulls a thread of stitched-back patterns
On the lip of tomorrow his mark to render
Soul kisses fade made infinitely tender

By glissando pearl on powder cheek
By the red rising tide a beach to seek
By dew drop drained from tongue to finger
By the monsoon delta where memories linger

These ghosts relegate their cares to debates
On the relevance of analytical thinking
The universe vibrates in little earthquakes
Light discharges through stars unblinking


Candie Bracci said...

Magnifique monsieur Pisces!

Yodood said...

"She worships the hem of her self undressed"I know her well

Libertine said...

Fab, thanks or sharing x

James Higham said...

She reminds me of lilith.

the walking man said...

And yet it is left to wonder is the loving found in the night worth the pain realized in the light?

Pisces Iscariot said...

Merci mme Bracci!
Dood - you've been around
Libertine: my pleasure - welcome
James: lilith? not frasier's ex?
TWM: of course it is!

Anonymous said...

Pisces..."The Lovers' Colloquy" by Victor Hugo...I think V.H. would have liked this work of yours! Fantastique!