Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Truth is the Equation of Thing and Intellect

Photo from E.L.I.S.E.'s post Mai 68

The music phase-shifts, echoing, as he steps over the remains of the boundary wall.
Bobbi is waiting in the shadows, separate from the crowd, her body in half-silhouette and the coal of her roll-up glows as she inhales.
“This band is shit” she exhales a plume to obscure her face, her eyes flashing through.
“That’s what you always say” he hands her the package.
“That’s ‘cause it’s true,” she palms the package into her mouth, half-turning to obscure her actions, “and the truth is what it’s all about.”
The music stops abruptly
“There is no truth” he says into the new silence as he walks away from her.
The crowd yells its appreciation.


human being said...

what makes this piece of writing strong and beautiful is the juxtaposition of an eternal theme with an ephemeral location...

here not the characters but the location is more telling of the truth...
and not words but sounds... just the sounds we hear... tell us 'the truth'...


is a fruit


from our consciousness


can be picked
by a hasty hand


i just lie
under the tree
and listen to it


one day


in my hand


Punch said...

Rich. I wait in silence for to see her in about 15 minutes.

the walking man said...

There is only one truth...and it will reflect itself in exactly the same way to every single being who seeks it.

Candie Bracci said...

The truth is that everyone has its own truth,I heard and I think this is true and therefore the only way to be true is to learn how to be tolerant.Still a long way to go for some.

Yodood said...

"The crowd yells its appreciation"

The piece de resistance of the piece demonstrating the schism between Bobbi's individual, intellectual truth, her "reality tunnel" as Robert Anton Wilson coined, and the thing of consensually mediocre accepta-bile truth.

Bravo Pisces.

Anonymous said...

Candie has an interesting point. And the wiki entry may need an upgrade...

Pisces Iscariot said...

The diversity of response is what makes the subject interesting; from the creative (human being) to the spiritual (walking man); the intellectual (Yodood) to the flippant (Punch). Candie's response is probably the one most people would identify with but it is a troubling road to travel, since subjective truth can easily be (mis)used to cover a lie.
Perhaps the truth is that which makes us uncomfortable with ourselves and the world around us?

word verification demands "resight"

Jon said...

some people think truth is a trail... whereas I think it's only trail mix

Yodood said...

Perhaps the truth is that which makes us uncomfortable with ourselves and the world around us?

I'd say it's a discomfort "with ourselves OR the world around us." Do we draw self esteem from our unique, original thought OR our reputation for fitting in?

Ye Olde orthodoxy vs heresy dynamic that makes the evolution of civilization such a clunky, chunky digital quantity dependent reproduction of the infinite quality resolution of nature, who's soul it tries to capture like those of native cultures trapped in cameras.

Pisces Iscariot said...

Jon: it probably just tastes that way; try washing it down with a glass of choke

Yodood: self esteem - a whole 'nother subject. Interesting you mention the 'soul stealing camera' - this concept is illustarted clearly by the dead look in the eyes of many of our over-photographed celebrities whose self-esteem requires constant reinforcement by the illusion of mass adoration.

James Higham said...

The comments were also interesting.

Harlequin said...

I, too applaud this powerful juxta-positioning of word and image... something strangely familiar about the scene in the alley...
lingering ...