Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Fables from a Forgotten Place: Utopia

Europa ~ Jacek Yerka

The people of Somewhere live their lives under the intangible weight of a deep sense of loss. They are of an industrious nature and little can distract them from their dedication to their labours, a fact that leaves them little time to ponder on what this feeling means or whether it is worth worrying about at all, perhaps coming to the conclusion that the feeling is a natural by-product of an industrious life.
It seems, therefore, that this loss is not something that they are conscious of, it is merely a fact of their lives; an integral part of their daily existence; the sort of thing that would only be noticed if suddenly removed.

If there is one certainty in a society such as Somewhere, constituting as it does a major portion of the planet, (the remainder consisting of those elements regarded “consumable”, being important for the betterment of a society that prides itself as being industrious) it is the fact that the smallest change may cause a ripple large enough to effect all elements and strata of that society.
To be fair to the individual citizens of Somewhere it must be stated that they are a docile, trusting and, some would say, gullible lot, not often given to the rather complicated process of making judgement on those who present (and represent) the plans for the betterment of their society.
It is thus that Somewhere is run, in a very sensible manner, with little chance of any but the most catered for changes and with the apparent approval of all of its citizens, by a small core of policy-makers whose task it is to keep the citizens’ industrious nature satisfied with ever greater tasks whose ultimate goal is to satisfy the harvest of the consumable elements so important to the betterment of their society.

In a society such as that practised by the industrious citizens of Somewhere there is little chance that the intangible sense of loss will cause ripples capable of having any effect on what is, after all, a perfectly adequate existence


Anonymous said...

Very clever sir. Be proud once more of your creation during these current drought conditions here in Bloggerville..

the walking man said...

The feeling of loss was lost when Somewhere and Another fully realized the consumerist society funded by debt.

Nevine said...

An interesting fable as it rings true to my heart. It actually reminds me of a piece I wrote about a month ago - my Somewhere was Lafindumonde. But what really happens when we become so industrious, think we have it all perfectly in place, and someone comes in to try and make change or something happens that has the potential to change us, and we resist? Isn't change the backbone of evolution?

Tom said...

more like a tsunami. 'nuf said.

Pisces Iscariot said...

Jimmy: yes it is definitely the lean season as we gear up for the madness.

Walking Man: full realisation seems not to be forthcoming in the realm of perfectly adequate :)

Nevine: For the citizens of this utopia change is not necessary since all is consumable.

Tom: sue who?

James Higham said...

Nice tongue in cheek.

Yodood said...

Even when one manages to live other than somewhere and regain what had been lost, the industrial flywheels keep the gears cranking long after intentional contribution of energy ceases — the momentum of citizenship.

Quite Swift of you, sir.

Pisces Iscariot said...

James: nice tongue

Yodood: I take your words as someone in the know - thank you :)

Harlequin said...

... and who in her right mind would rail against a perfectly adequate existence?

Pisces Iscariot said...

Harlequin: indeed :)