Saturday, November 07, 2009

Little Argument with Myself

"there's nothing as sad
as a man on his back
counting stars"

~ Low


Yodood said...

Sorry Nick, Pisces, your sad is my bliss.

Word verification: meters - different measures of emotion

Pisces Iscariot said...

Nothing wrong with sad (metered or otherwise) :)

James Higham said...

Unless it's in a field in summer and there's a nice companion and a bottle of red beside you.

the walking man said...

I wonder if he would be sad if the stars he was counting were formed by the woman riding?

Anonymous said...

Nice rhythms- are these people (Low) linked to you in any way?

Sorry, I havn't been reading for a while :) Amazing picture of Mars. I guess if you have time to count the stars either you are alone or the companion next to you is sleeping?

Pisces Iscariot said...

James: sounds good to me: it's a date

Walking Man: not sure that sort of thing is entirely appropriate here ;]

Cinnamon: No apologies necessary :D
Low are linked to me by the fact that I have most of their albums on my Poysnal Sterrio.
See/hear here for a taste

Harlequin said...

there might be one thing as sad... a woman on her back counting knotholes in the wood as a .... diversion... if you get my drift.
thanks for the connection to Low...
and, as usual, for the great way your words and images resonate.

Jimmy Bastard said...

It took me a moment to find the depth, but finally it arrived with a smile and a rush.

Good stuff.

Tom said...

no sadder than sitting on a sofa watching meaningless crap nite after nite...but i guess this is a Low metaphor for all that is wasteful. Always like your choice in photos/art.

Pisces Iscariot said...

Harlequin: Now that is sad :] - Enjoy the music

Jimmy: When I found the depth I realised I'd run out of air - ain't that always the way

Tom: Step away from the livingroom cyclops!