Friday, January 22, 2010

Pond Life

Takashi Murakami

Looking up at plankton dust filtered
Through the gills of the moon’s sting rays
The algae asks:
“What you gonna do with these dreams?”
While the hooks in my skin
Barbed and unbaited
Conspire with the ice, (a true glass ceiling)
To hold me fast in a watery stasis


the walking man said...

What I really enjoyed about this piece PI is that you presented me with an image that asked a question and gave me no solution to the conundrum. That you recognize that your answer would not be the same as mine makes the question all the more valuable.

Libertine said...

Indeed what we're going to do...? Thank you - you've given me something very important

Harlequin said...

this is such a wonderful tale of the rock and the hard place, even though it is pond life and inside looking up .... or out.... a fine sense of the feeling of being immobilized

Anonymous said...

Alas! To be trapped in one's surroundings...

Yodood said...

The water filled pond of the body…

Pisces Iscariot said...

Walking Man: I'm always happy to provide no answers :)

Libertine: Glad to be of service :)

Harlequin: It's a Piscean rock/hard place ;]

Subby: Trapped in the blog-o-fear's not so bad :)

Yodood: I hate it when the algae get in :B