Friday, February 12, 2010

The Persistence of Memory

Where are the rusted keys that wind these crooked clocks
Where time lies stalled in pools of solder cooling
And tepid waters rise to overflow these worried locks?

Who times these tides of plankton that ebb your eyelid shore
And overflow to traverse your cheek describing
A platinum arc that crowns slo-mo in dusty parquet floor?

What wisdom lies in teardrops teeming with galaxies of thought
Myriad objections, obscure and off-the-wall
Declaring null the gospel saints you wish you'd never bought?

Why cast oblique reference to that second-hand for hours
Whisper 'wait' then holler "all aboard"
When bound for heights but hellbound sent, equipped with earthly powers


Yodood said...

such tears are the sweat of wisdom hacking away at the hopes shackling one to persistently occluding memories, thus gaining the clarified view of the frivolous whims of reality.

the walking man said...

Return the saints or sell them at a second hand store there be the only profit found in them.

zoe said...


mapstew said...

That's a lot of questions!

Beautiful. :¬)

Harlequin said...

sooner or later, it calls to us all....

this was lyrical and carnal, near and far, seconds and hours, years and moments; the way you have conveyed time and space here is delightful.

James Higham said...

I didn't buy them - just passed straight to protestantism.

Pisces Iscariot said...

Yodood: You said it my friend

Walking man: or use them to smuggle narcotics in (as they do in the movies :}

Zoe: Fanx, glad you enjoyed.

Mapstew: "That's a lot of questions!" I've got more :D

Harlequin: "lyrical and carnal" Oh Yes!

James: And you stopped there?

Mariana Soffer said...

Memory lies. Never forget that.

it is said that the camera never lies, but according to new research published in the journal Applied Cognitive Psychology, the camera not only lies, but those lies can lead to the creation of false memories.

In a study by the university of Pagua it was found that manipulation of the photographs influenced the participants' memories of the events very strongly.If misleading information can so easily distort previously encoded memories about past events, then memories of public events, and attitudes towards them, could be distorted even more drastically if doctored images are presented when the event is taking place (i.e. when memories of the event are being encoded).

Gerry Boyd said...

Would that I knew the answers to questions thus metrically and musically posed. Better not I suppose, lest the great hand lift me to the stars.

Tom said...

you're asking me?

Oh, just rhetorical.

Good stuff, thanks.

Pisces Iscariot said...

Mariana: Very interesting - I've long felt that many my memories of childhood are defined by the familiar photographs from that time.

Gerry: you're right: sometimes the answers are not required.

Tom: No, I am asking you

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