Friday, March 19, 2010

Self Addressed Envelope

Aurora Australis

It can certainly not be argued that I had no part in the events that occurred during my time aboard The Mantra Ray.
Indeed, no man can argue that his fate is in the hands of some unseen agent – Reason has, after all, removed any justification for the vagaries of blind faith and the monstrous atrocities inflicted by the theists in general, and the monotheists in particular.
No man can argue his culpability in consequences of inadvisable practises, for to step outside the bounds Reason’s dictates is to invite the attention of those who hold power.
Human interaction, after all, must follow the laws of entropy increasing, allowing, or rather, insisting that all reactions flow downhill in an attempt to equalise personal accounts in a manner sometimes indecipherable to the debtor.
Payback often results in ostracism, varying in degrees of subtlety, from withdrawal of communication to banishment, from verbal equalisation to physical attack.
I look back on the man I was then and I am filled with shame; shame not only at my shallow expectations of life but also at my mistreatment of those around me; as if the months of solitude, rather than deepen my appreciation for the company of others, stripped me of all the bindings of social contract that require us to treat those around us with, at least, a polite respect for their personal space. It is a shame that cannot be entirely blamed on my consumption of Igneous.

From Decaying Orbits


the walking man said...

The fiery solidifies and in the belly it only leaves a heavy gut. I can not make apology for then nor will I for now. Solitude is my right to order it as I will and damn them who would intrude by knocking when the no trespassing sign is hung.

Yodood said...

"no man can argue that his fate is in the hands of some unseen agent – "

no man can argue that he sees all the agents that have a hand in his fate — solitude in the wild eliminates the distraction of the hands of civilization's agents from observing the ways of nature as it is, for a baseline awareness of their presence
when amongst society.

Tom said...

too bad we can't blame all our actions on Igneous, or whatever you name your poison.


Pisces Iscariot said...

Walking Man: The solitary choice is definitely one of the themes of Decaying Orbits; not only the contemplative, but the arrogant aspects that I find myself exhibiting from time to time.

Yodood: I cannot begin to fault your reasoning here, the thrust of this story is, however, from the inside out; the distracting hands of civilisation serve only as circumstancial to the fate of our hero. :)

Tom: I haven't told you about Ignious yet have I? :D