Friday, April 23, 2010


The Invisible Bust of Voltaire ~ Dali

Out there where the statues gaze out at newsreels.
In here where my chest is a cage for ideals
Out there where the wolves howl at the queues
In here where my spine is for keyboard reviews
Out there at the oil-enriched acid-etch dude-ranch

Here where the truth is the heart of the lie
Where conspiracies race for the courage to fly
Here where go-getters do what they’re told
Where ideology stops and is melted for gold

In here where the square peg fits in a round black hole
Out there the where the planets conspire to dissolve
In here where the bells have been pealing forever
Out there where sirens call ships to the river
In here with the hollow statue carved out of flesh


Yodood said...

What must be the nature of such a partition that could keep your ins and outs apart? Flesh, integrity, will, circumstance, imagination?

Until we understand the nature of the world we are doomed to frustration with its aberrations, within and without our preferences.

Gerry Boyd said...

A little bit of the old in and out, eh? Interesting. Plus the rhyme scheme of the middle. Is the pull between dualism and monism a dualism in itself or Dasein. I'll be back after re-reading me some Hegel.

Harlequin said...

a grand sweep of your inner and outer landscapes, and conveyed with your usual artistry.
I especially liked, ideology stops and is melted for gold... such is the code in my institutional setting.
thanks for this one.

a good follow up from the anarchy "cartoon"