Friday, May 14, 2010

Gold Tooth

Wyoming ~ Elliot Erwitt

In ivy corner ghost walled garden
The gold in his mouth flashes
Sunlight filtered down through green
Drumbeat beast-heart ashes

Take his crystal charms for ransom
Check your pulse rate feathered falter
Kiss his jaw and stroke his cancer
Set fickle flesh on fiery altar

Caged complex walled in steel
Convex switches silver bullet sails
Courts his smile his dragon breath
Scratches dust on rust-bit nails

Left behind his ghost walled gardens
By roots of routes hard to define
His touch too touched to find a way home
His ideas curdle your thoughts unwind

Now dragon breath into your ear
A perfumed paradox denotes
Touches corners countersigns
Prescribes the perfect antidote


Harlequin said...

I loved the rhythm of this one. It seemed to match the train, that rhythmic sound of riding and riding, like gigantic continuous exhales
dragon breath is a wonderful title.

D2 said...

Inspiring is all I can say at the moment.
Loved the bit of anger and "Dragon Breath"
Awesome poem.

And You have been awarded here.
Please do collect it here.

You're an amazing writer and inspire me a lot.

Pisces Iscariot said...

Harlequin: Glad you enjoyed, not sure what it's about myself :D

D2: Thank You! and thanks for the award!

Anonymous said...

so good to see your at it HUGS
be safe walk in peace allways

Megan Duffy said...

I agree with Harlequin. You really do have a wonderful way with rhythm.

This is beautiful and filled with precise and moving images.

JeffScape said...

I'm hypnotized by this one. Not sure why, but I'm hypnotized. Reading it aloud is rather cool.

(And I guarantee my sobriety!)