Friday, August 06, 2010

Waiting for a Star to Cool

Patience is a virtue very difficult to practice. The mind is easily distracted from conscious thought, having so many duties to perform it requires silence and stillness to exist in its consciously analytical state.
Iskandor realised that she had had little time for thought in the years she had lived in exile; her day being so consumed with the source’s incessant need for more. Even her escapes to the desert to watch the stars had been little more than sleep. This star, however, gave here mind something to pivot about. She realised that she was no longer impressed by the source’s powers and that she was perhaps more important to it than it was to her. She noticed that the heat from the star had turned the furrowed sand to crystal; no doubt an annoyance to the source, it having then to cope with these unforeseen chemical changes – an added burden to its concerns.
Heat shimmered the horizon behind the star turning the sand to watery sky, Iskandor spat and watched her spit evaporate sizzling on the surface of the star.
Patience, Iskandor realised, is a reprieve from the world.

From Decaying Orbits

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Harlequin said...

this piece and the image conveyed the noun and verb of patience so well; and i like this character, Iskandor.