Monday, September 06, 2010

Sand in the Gears of Tomorrow

As words escape down alleyways
I hum a tune half-remembered
Rising from sandy seabed memory disturbed
All mannerisms and salt encrusted poses
For a man who has no failings

From canyon corners caverns caves
Echo back a second out of time
From hotel room fake fjord walls
Loaded lullabies of nostalgia and regret
Presupposing a yet unmade bed

Chords established ingrained and entrenched
When struck will vibrate through time
To afternoon rooms sunlit and stagnant
Postcards from a past
Folded stitched hem embroidered


Harlequin said...

i like how you work with consonants in this one... not sure why i am noticing that, but i am. i especially likes all the c's and the other hard sounds, especially after the image of the sand being disrupted....
this has a strangeness about it, and a familiarity.
also liked the dali touch.

Pisces Iscariot said...

The photo is the view before I fell asleep in a previous home in Glasgow.
The poster behind the balustrade is froman exhibition in London.
I thought it made an interesting step-off point to dreamland :]