Friday, November 26, 2010

1.4 Red/Yellow/Blue (Spoiler) Alert

Who's This Guy ~Frederico Erra

Atom let the red water run out and refilled the bath with decreasingly warm water.
“What do you think happened to me?” he shouted out to Cajones, “I can’t remember anything.”
“Nothing ‘happened’ to you,” Cajones’ face appeared in the doorway, “Other than the momentous event of your birth; just like seven-hundred-thousand-and-fuck-knows how many others before you.”
“My birth?” said Atom, “d’you mean re-birth, like allegorically?”
“I’m a cat; I don’t do allegory. I don’t even know how to spell allegory; in fact I don’t know how to spell anything since I am a cat…”
“So how did you manage to read the register downstairs? The Oriental Suit
“That’s different”
“Okay, so just to recap:
  1. I was born yesterday
  2. (there is no number 2)
But shouldn’t I have some memories?” Atom looked down at his (now reasonably cleaned up) body, “I mean, I have an appendix scar (rather nasty one at that), I mean,” looking further down, “I’m not exactly a baby.”
“So you say,” said Cajones, “In fact, you do have memories, only not specific ones. Your lot are rather vague when it comes to specifics, more inclined to the general theory that if you throw enough bodies at it you’ll somehow get the job done quicker.”
“Well, won’t you?”
“Won’t I what?”
“Get the job done quicker?”
“What job?”
“Something’s wrong, isn’t it?” said Atom
“Wrong? Something’s wrong? Of course something’s wrong; besides everything else; right/wrong; me/you; up/down: you’re a construct just like I am and I’m getting sick of being the one to have to tell you all this, that’s what’s fucking wrong.”


Tom said...

so, cats haven't infinite patience?

Justin Russell said...

What does this surreal narrative of an unknown Atom and a ballsy feline mean? Fucked if I know, but keep it coming.

Harlequin said...

..the " i don't do allegory " line was sublime. ha!!
the mobius feel to this is wonderful; and, to echo one of your other commenters, keep it coming!

Pisces Iscariot said...

Tom: only when it comes to stalking :)

Justin: What does it all mean? I dunno myself, I'm making it up as we go along. Last night Atom ended up in a Post Office, but that's a few episodes ahead. ;D

Harlequin: As it stands I'm up to episode 10.0, so at least I have a little time for editing before posting. I have set myself the task of posting an episode a week which means that even if I slaken for a while I will still have a deadline to keep.

JeffScape said...

Shit. I knew I missed one.

Actually, wait... I've missed two.


spit said...

the end left me teary-eyed, it was so great