Saturday, December 04, 2010

2.1 Collar

The mirror reflected Atom dressed in the items of clothing left for him in the obvious places. He held a blue, red and white striped tie across his hands while his mind clutched at the fragment of familiarity he saw in this reflected image; the mirror said nothing.
“You look like a little furry brown mouse in that suit” said Cajones from the quadrant of the room he’d chosen to relax in.
Atom looked down at the ginger leg whose paw (the size of his face) rested an inch from his shiny new shoes, “You’re not gonna eat me are you?”
I’m not, but something else might” Atom was disturbed by the fact that the cat could not give expression to its words other than with its eyes with their intricate fractal-like yellow-patterned irises and pupils that dilated and contracted to something more than the variations in light.
“I can’t tell whether you’re lying or not,” he said, “You give me no clues”
“We never lie[1],” said Cajones, “We merely bend your truth. I’m saying to you that this place is dangerous, but only if you place value on what you see in the mirror and in the questions you think need to be answered.”
”Well, there’s no way I’m wearing this stupid tie, I’ll say that, what’s the fucking point of it? Doesn’t keep my neck warm, doesn’t keep my collar closed (there’s a button to do that)”
“That’s just an old power appeasement symbol,” said Cajones, “Helped certain a type of “ambitious” person feel as if he were more powerful than the fact that he pushed paper would suggest.”
“And since you did ask,” Cajones continued, “Ties were developed to serve the purpose of little flags that identified members of secret societies to one another”
“I’ll take your word for that,” said Atom, “all the more reason for me not to wear it”

[1]Editor's Note: Cajones’ word may be called into question if one were to place this statement alongside the one made in instalment 1.1
When that particular Atom asked whether cats lie, Cajones answered: “Of course we do”.


JeffScape said...

Ah, the secret of ties revealed.

Who said cats aren't omniscient? Oh, wait... they lie.

Did I miss one of these? I'm gonna go check... I've been a chicken with no head for the past few weeks. Ack!

Pisces Iscariot said...

Jeff: headless chickens always welcome here :]

Harlequin said...

and we're off on the next whacky yet strangely sensible installment.... hooray hooray!!

love the click me button, btw.

Pisces Iscariot said...

Harlequin: I was getting annoyed that nobody was clicking it :/