Saturday, December 11, 2010

2.3 Finance

“Who’s paying for all of this?” Atom smoothed the front of his brown suit; checked his profile in the mirror, “The clothes; the hotel room?”
“You are,” Said Cajones, “Who else would it be?”
“But I’ve haven’t got any money”
“They don’t want money.”
“Everybody wants money, what else is there?”
“What have you got?”
“Um… all I’ve got is this tie…”
Hissed Cajones, “The tie is one of the things you owe.”
“Well how do you pay for your stuff then?”
“I’m a cat stupid, I don’t pay for anything. I don’t have anything (‘cept my balls)”
Atom wondered if Cajones was playing with him (like a cat plays with a mouse) or whether he was being taught a lesson in the intricacies of accountancy.
“Okay, what I mean is what am I going to be expected to do to earn these services that have been afforded me and these things I have been given?”
“Heh, you catch on fast… for a two-legger.”
“Hang on… these services and things that I did not ask for?”
“Bingo! You’re a teenager!” Cajones turned to the mirror, "They grow up so fast"


Harlequin said...

atom the teenager..... lovely. i love this phallic economy, it's perfect.
write on!

Pisces Iscariot said...

Harlequin: Phallic economy? Interesting take :)

JeffScape said...

Grow up fast or die, eh? Although I'm betting Atom's going that route, anyway. Hehe.