Friday, February 04, 2011

4.8 Fractal House (for the Marginally Stupid)

Mountain Man ~ Kristyna Baczynski

“Where’s my fucking suit gone?” Atom asked himself even before he had fully regained consciousness. His head hurt like a hangover from a week-long bender and the air was hot and humid (definitely not sore-head weather). Atom decided it would be unwise, and probably too difficult to open his eyes but that the wooden slats that dug into his loosely folded body meant he would have to move – sitting up seemed to be the only option. This act served to make his head throb slightly less and he sat with said head in his hands, elbows on knees.
“There goes the neighbourhood” said someone.
Atom scrunched his eyes to slitted open, finding himself facing three naked men.
“You say that every time” said another voice, emanating from the really old bloke on the left.
“And it remains a true reflection on the ever decreasing sovereignty of this room” said the first voice, a slightly (but only slightly) younger bloke in the middle.
“You talkin’ to me?” said the young bloke on the right, squinting down one eye.
“Where is this?” said Atom.
“What does it matter where it is” said NOM1[6]
“The question is ‘what’, not ‘where’ said NOM2.
“You talkin’ to me?” said No.3, “You should be talking to me ‘cos these two are fucking doolally
“I think I preferred talking to that fucking cat” thought Atom (or he thought he thought it, perhaps he said it out loud, he couldn’t be sure as his head chose to remind him that it was in pain.)
“Cat?” said all three in unison.

[6]Naked Old Man No.1


Tom said...

haha. good laughs abound.

here it is sore-head weather.

Pisces Iscariot said...

Tom: Hope it wasn't a week-long bender :D

Baino said...

Don't talk to me about hot and humid!

Harlequin said...

bring back the cat....
funny-peculiar remember when on the bender, btw

Pisces Iscariot said...

Baino: I grew up in Durban - I know about humidity and the associated ennui ;)

Harlequin: Cat? What cat? A hangover is a blow from a brain-police baton. :)

JeffScape said...


How come it's NOM1, NOM2, and No.3?

You read Heinlein, by any chance?