Sunday, February 20, 2011



Tom said...


perhaps not

Yodood said...

If you're talking to yourself, you exist. That you ask would indicate it's a curious skepticism of an existence. That you ask the world you perceive if it perceives you seems like a conflict of self-definition between the perceived and the perceiver.

Therein lies loneliness, loss of the thread life that energizes us all, that reproduces our cells from the same cosmic dust and enables us to have at it as we mayhap.

Alone, I observe a world needless of my observations to carry on and I feel free as I can imagine being.

In the company of men I am trapped by supposition that I exist only where I who I know myself to be impinges on their unique sensitivities and agendas, waiting for that wink to acknowledge the unspoken link of being different eyes of the same cosmic observer.

Pisces Iscariot said...

I guess not then :)

Yodood said...

You guess you don't exist?

jadedj said...

You exist, but if that limb were in the middle of a forest and there was no one there to see it...would you still exist?

Baino said...

You must exist, otherwise we're just twats leaving comments for a non-existent whatever you are.

Harlequin said...

once more, into the breach!!
you manage to find wonderful and sooo appropriate stuff.

Old 333 said...

@Baino: Hey, that's sort of scary.

@Pisces: If you're talking to yourself, someone exists. it may not be you, though, dude. Delusions persist like little bitch kittens (dogheaded cats? mmmm, they would be fine for snakes bats and rats - )

Enjoying my scroll through here, Pisces. I decided to click the little icons of people and look at their blogs, as my Reader is empty (my god, I've caught up!) and the news just plain sux bonanas.

So thanks. Art is fun! And describes reality better than Reuters.
-later -

Pisces Iscariot said...

It's ironic that I posted this simply because of the lack of traffic through here - by the response I'm thinking perhaps this is what I should be posting all the time instead of all of that pretensious arty crap :D