Monday, April 18, 2011

You Don’t Bring Me Orchids [Anymore]

[Extracted from the files of Mark Time P.I.]

Marlene Dietrich

What fundamental law of entropy declares that even the slightest transgression of personal standards will lead to abject despair?
For those of us raised to appreciate the benefits of frugality, the experience of pleasure is always a double-edged sword.
Payment is self-extracted and always above the going rate.
Mrs. Victor Barlia had guilt written all over her; from the extravagant cut of her dress to the studied curl of pencil at the corner of her eyes; from the togetherness of her knees above the edge of my desk to the cigarette that posed between the fingers of her poised hand.
“My husband doesn’t love me,” she said, “I want you to find out why.”
“If you suspect your husband of infidelity then I will do my utmost to provide you with evidence of such Mrs Barlia,” I raised my eyes from those knees to meet her eyes, “But as to the condition of your husband’s emotional attachment to you, I can only suggest guidance from a completely different kind of agency.”
“It amounts to the same thing Mr Time,” she drew smoke in with a short reverse gasp, “whether he enacts the physical manifestation or not; infidelity does not necessarily confine itself to the realm of action.”


Jimmy said...

Nicely put together sir.

the feeling lioness said...

I'd love reading novels written in this style

Harlequin said...

looking good... another shimmering hook that i will have to follow!

Pisces Iscariot said...

Jimmy: another fragment from the broken clock :)

Lioness: not really a novel but rather a snippet.

Harlequin: another catch I shall attempt to reel in ;D